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The Source is a monthly discussion of the regulatory landscape in the on-demand pay space. Join us every month for a new series of conversations that invites experts to explore and share insights on active and upcoming legislation, industry insights and news. This is your chance to understand the complexities and questions surrounding the on-demand pay industry and be a part of defining its future.

Legislative Initiatives to Restore Worker Financial Health

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Tune in as New York State Senator Brian Benjamin (District 30) joins The Source podcast to discuss actions to support his hard-hit New York City community during the pandemic, the recent protests and plans for recovery. Specifically, Senator Benjamin will review measures he’s taken to improve and repair the financial lives not only of his constituents, but also those of statewide residents as they navigate the economic shutdown.

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Brian A. Benjamin

Brian A. Benjamin is the Senior Assistant Majority Leader and the New York State Senator for District 30, which encompasses Harlem, East Harlem and the Upper West Side. He was born in Harlem to Caribbean immigrants. He earned his undergraduate degree in Public Policy from Brown University and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Brian returned to Harlem to build affordable housing, creating over a thousand units of environmentally sustainable, affordable housing while helping young people develop work skills.  In 2012, Brian was a delegate for President Obama and a member of his National Finance Committee. Brian has also been heavily involved in the community, serving as the Chair of Community Board 10 up until his election.

In the New York State Senate, Brian has distinguished himself as a leader in criminal justice reform and affordable housing, sponsoring bills to close Rikers Island, divest the New York State Public Pension Common Fund from private prisons, and keep rent-controlled apartments affordable.

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